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With the change to the 9-1 grade maths exams the content and level of difficulty has increased in both the Foundation and Higher exam courses. This of course means that harder topics are brought in earlier in schools, in Key Stage 3 and even through into primary school.

We have a great track record of making maths accessible and enjoyable to our students whilst at the same time embracing the demands of the new curriculum. Whether you’re aiming for a grade 9, a grade 4 or something in between, we will prepare weekly individual lesson plans to ensure that you can develop the necessary knowledge and understanding, as well as the crucial experience of tackling exam-style questions and practice papers.

We have a range of programmes to choose from, including computer programmes, workbooks and our own practice materials, and we will choose the right package of materials to suit individual learning styles.

Please don’t worry if you feel that maths is a struggle for you, and that the ‘basics’ of arithmetic, fraction, decimals etc., are still a bit of a minefield! We are most definitely here to help, and our tutors are experienced in supporting students at all levels.