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What Parents Say

Private English Tuition at St Neots Tuition

“Liz is a fantastic teacher with bags of patience and loads of enthusiasm. She manages to get the best out of children and understands them and works with them.”

“Very encouraging teacher. Lovely environment. Children feel welcome and comfortable.”

“Liz is very friendly and approachable and has quickly built a strong working relationship with my ten year old daughter. My daughter’s teachers have commented on how my daughter’s confidence and enjoyment in maths lessons has grown. The one to one time she gets with Liz has allowed her to ask questions and to fill gaps in her understanding.”

“The Tuition Centre helped my daughter build confidence in maths and English. She looked forward to going every week as Liz made learning so much fun and she has now improved in the subjects.”

“Liz is so flexible and understanding when it comes to changing times and she is excellent at working with my son’s special needs.”

“I just wanted to say thank you as he is much more confident in both maths and English in just a few short weeks. He enjoys coming and doesn’t find it a chore, which is good. Many thanks.”

“My daughter was not managing with maths in school at all, despite the school offering extra support. She had made little significant progress from Year 2 and Year 3. After spending three terms with Liz she has gone into Year 4 having moved up two groups within her class, from second bottom to second top! My daughter loves her ‘maths club’ and has so much confidence in maths now. This has been value for money and a positive learning experience for my daughter.”

“I thought you might be interested in E’s progress since joining Longsands in September. She has settled in really well and is enjoying the learning. She received a glowing first Autumn Term report coming joint top in her class, which was a lovely surprise, and D and I received a letter from the head of her house congratulating her for working at a high level. I would therefore like to personally thank you for helping E to reach her potential. She really enjoyed the classes with you, which boosted her knowledge and confidence. I am sure she will be revisiting you again in the near future.”

“C has really picked up in school. His teacher has also noticed and says he is doing maths to Year 4 standard and he is currently in Year 2.”

“I would like to thank you so very much for giving J his confidence back. I know it has been a real boost for him, having gone into Year 10 knowing he has the ability to be successful and positive in his maths classes.”

“Just wanted to let you know that we had parents evening for C this week and his teacher is so pleased with his progress. I’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ as I think it’s because of you that he’s now doing so well. Thank you again.”

“At M’s most recent parents evening his teacher has said that his writing is now just below ‘above average’ and he is at 90% in reading comprehension. He really enjoys literacy. He says it is his favourite subject now. Thank you – his confidence has soared since coming to the Tuition Centre.”

“We have seen a marked improvement in T’s work this year at school. His English predicted mark has increased and I feel that the tuition has made a huge difference to his confidence as well as his grades. Thank you.”

“Dear Liz, We have been so impressed with M’s development and confidence since attending your centre, especially as her big transition to secondary school in September is upon us! Thank you”

“Thanks Liz for teaching B and E. They have really enjoyed it and have definitely improved in their English and maths.”

“Thank you very much for teaching S. She has increased her confidence enormously and has made good progress thanks to your input. I am really pleased with her changing attitude to learning and she will continue to attend because she enjoys coming. Her teacher has been pleased with her attainment. Huge thanks.”

“Liz, thank you so much for all the help and support you have given C. We have noticed a big difference in her work and confidence. Thanks once again.”

“They help my son love to learn and they help us in the difficult task of home educating. They are friendly and give my son a chance to socialise with other children in a safe environment. They are professional and friendly.”

“The centre has given our daughter confidence in a subject at which she was struggling at school. She is now achieving more than ever expected, is happier and loves maths!”

“My children have improved greatly since joining, which indicates that the teaching method works. I also like the fact that you are very open to parents’ comments and concerns.”

What Students Say

Private Maths Tuition at St Neots Tuition

“Because of you I have come up on my school report. I was below in the winter, but now I am ‘in line with’, so thank you so much.”

“Thank you for your help. I’m now a level 4B in my writing because of you.”

“I love the Tuition Centre because they gave me a warm welcome. They have good resources. They have games and work on the computer which is very fun.”

“I like coming to the Tuition Centre because I learn a lot and it really helps.”

“I like the Tuition Centre because I used to not be able to do fractions and now I can.”

“Liz is a great teacher. There is always something that will make me smile.”