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What to expect in a tuition session

Every student works within an individualised programme, written especially for them by their tutor. We keep to a strict maximum of four students in a session for the secondary age range and five students in primary, but you will find that most sessions have just three or four students with one teacher.

Sessions last for eighty minutes and include several different activities matched to the age, concentration and learning needs of the individual. This helps us to ensure that pupils can stay engaged and motivated for the full eighty minutes.

Students who are ‘morning people’ might like to try our Saturday morning sessions, which are mainly attended by younger students and which are supported by a teaching assistant in addition to the teachers.


Visit and initial assessment

At St Neots Tuition we know that as a parent or carer, you need to feel confident that the provision you choose for your child is the best possible fit. We invite all interested families to start by making an appointment to come to the centre for a conversation and an initial assessment of your child’s learning in the area or areas that you want us to focus on.


This gives both you and your child the chance to get a feel for the atmosphere of the centre as well as an idea of how our sessions operate. At the same time we will carry out a short, informal assessment of your child’s current academic level in your chosen subject area, so that we can have a meaningful discussion with you about their educational targets and the content of their sessions with us.


We don’t charge for the visit or the assessment, and there is no obligation to enrol for tuition

Session times


4.00pm –  5.20pm

5.40pm – 7.00pm


4.45pm – 6.05pm

6.20pm – 7.40pm

6.45pm – 8.05pm


4.00pm –  5.20pm

5.40pm – 7.00pm


4.00pm –  5.20pm

5.40pm – 7.00pm


4.00pm –  5.20pm


9.00am – 10.20am

10.40am to 12.00 midday