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Times Tables

Since the latest curriculum changes, pupils are expected to know by heart all their times tables up to 12 x 12.

From 2017, pupils in Year 6 will have to sit an extra test during the SATs period. This will be an online test of all their times tables.


We will continue to help our students in every way that we can with this. For some it will be easy, for others it will be less so, but we aim to make it as much fun as possible for all. We already use a timed on-screen activity as one of our times tables strategies. Pupils try to answer as many tables questions as they can in one minute on the computer, and earn stickers according to how many they get. The aim is to increase their score week by week. Although the government tests haven’t been published yet, we hope that this will be great preparation.


There are of course many strategies that you can try, and many aps that may help.

This video is quite encouraging!

There’s also a great app called ‘perfect times tables’

We also use many old fashioned pencil and paper resources!

Different approaches will suit different children, so keep trying until you find something that helps your child.


Please feel free to download and use the sheets below. You can download them as many times as you like in order to be able to practise them more than once. Any students bringing in a completed sheet will get an extra sticker, and a full set will earn a prize!

2 Times Table

3 Times Table

4 Times Table

5 Times Table

6 Times Table

7 Times Table

8 Times Table

9 Times Table

10 Times Table

11 Times Table

12 Times Table