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Cookie Policy

This is the cookie policy for St Neots Tuition. It should be read together with our privacy policy and our terms and conditions of website use.


References to ‘our website’ mean the website of St NeotsTuition, which can be accessed at the domain name,

This policy was last updated on 01/08/19.

In this policy, you will find general information about cookies; what they are and how they operate. Our website contains several cookies.


If you continue to browse the website this constitutes your acceptance of our policies on cookies, privacy and data handling, and our website’s terms and conditions of use. Therefore if you don’t agree with the policies you should leave the website.


We may from time to time change our policy and also the types of cookies that we use without giving notice to website users. Therefore you should check our policies and our terms and conditions statement regularly to be sure that any changes are acceptable to you. If you continue to use the website this will again constitute your acceptance of any changes we have made.


Cookies: a brief explanation

 Whenever you visit a website which uses cookies, these very small text files are downloaded to your device. Cookies are not in any way similar to computer viruses. The purposes of using cookies are:

  • To enable a website to recognise your device and improve your experience of the website
  • To enable certain features of the website
  • To provide analytical information that may be used to improve the website
  • To save visitors’ preferences so that they don’t need to be entered every time you visit the website

Your consent

 When you visit our website you will see a small pop-up which asks you to indicate your consent by clicking ‘I consent to cookies’.

Before you click we ask that you read this cookie policy so that you can make an informed decision as regards giving your consent to cookies.

If you decide against consenting to cookies you should either leave our website or switch off cookies on your device. Please be aware that switching off cookies might mean that our website does not work as smoothly for you.

If you don’t click on ‘I consent to cookies’ but still continue to use this website then this will constitute your acceptance of our website terms and conditions of use, privacy policy and cookie policy.


How to manage your cookie settings

In some browsers, for example Microsoft Chrome and Apple safari, cookies are stored in designated files on your device. Your browser will usually provide instructions on how to delete the stored cookies or how to turn them off. As mentioned previously, turning off or removing cookies may impede the way our website functions on your device.

This useful link will give more detailed information about cookies and how to manage them on your device:


Types of cookie and their duration on your device

  • Session cookie: Removed as soon as you leave the website
  • Persistent cookie: Stays on your device for a specified time, e.g. a year. This enables websites to store your preferences

Four categories of cookies


  • Strictly necessary cookies

Certain cookies are necessary to allow a website to work. They allow specific features to be used, such as the ability to shop online.


  • Analytical and performance cookies

These cookies include those used by Google Analytics to help the website owner to understand how their website is being used, for example which pages are being visited most often. This can then be used to improve navigation within the website. Information collected is anonymous.


  • Functionality cookies

These cookies remember any choices that are made by those using the website. Visitor preferences are stored to facilitate easier navigation on subsequent visits.


  • Advertising or targeting cookies

Some cookies can be used to assist with advertising by collecting information about a user’s behaviour. These cookies are sometimes third-party cookies (see below).


Third-party cookies

Cookies can be installed on your device which comes from a different website to the one you are visiting. These cookies can be used by advertisers to track browsing history. You can block third party cookies by using the privacy settings in your browser, and some browsers will do this automatically.

If you would like more detailed information, visit


Which types of cookies are used on this website, and why

Our use of cookies is designed to make our website user-friendly for visitors. Our website uses three types of cookies: Strictly Necessary, Performance & Analytical and Functionality (described above)

Use of these cookie types allows us to:-

  1. Maintain and ensure compatibility with the various browsers and operating systems that are used to visit our site.
  2. Gather and analyse statistical website reports so that we can see how our website is being used and whether it runs smoothly for our visitors.